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Sadistic Nostalgia
Suicidal Infatuation
28th-May-2025 02:01 pm - Friending(Topped)
Kill Bill-Gogo Yubari
If you friend please comment here and tell me so I can return the favor. ^^
2nd-Jul-2008 11:59 pm - Problem
Kill Bill-Gogo Yubari
Okay so I really want to learn digital painting using photoshop.  But I can't find any beginner tutorials. And I need really beginner, I can do manips but know nothing about painting. 

Another problem. I have Adobe Photoshop Elements. For those of you who don't know this doesn't have a pen tool. It has a pencil tool and a brush tool but no pen tool. Any ways around this or am I screwed?

Please please comment and help! If you don't I will invade your posts asking you!
29th-Jun-2008 05:18 pm - I've come to the conclusion
Kill Bill-Gogo Yubari
That I love my new layout :) I saw the Japanese I had in one of my posts and it looks rad :D
27th-Jun-2008 09:50 pm - I'm and English Genius :D
Kill Bill-Gogo Yubari
But it won't show up :(

[i]Your result for The Commonly Confused Words Test... [/i]
                    [url=http://www.helloquizzy.com/tests//results/the-commonly-confused-words-test/?fromCGI=1&var_Beginner=14&var_Intermediate=14&var_Advanced=14&var_Expert=12][b]English Genius[/b][/url]
                    [i]You scored 100% Beginner, 100% Intermediate, 93% Advanced,  and 80% Expert![/i]
                    [url=http://www.helloquizzy.com/tests/the-commonly-confused-words-test]The Commonly Confused Words Test[/url] at [url=http://www.helloquizzy.com][b][color=#ac000c]H[/color][color=#131313]ello[/color][color=#ac000c]Q[/color][color=#131313]uizzy[/color][/b][/url]
23rd-Jun-2008 03:32 pm - My First Manip in forever
Kill Bill-Gogo Yubari
 Finally made a new manip. The title is Ring Around the Rosy. They'll be three more after this. They're supposed to be about the plague though you can't really tell except from the title. :) Feedback is appreciated. (it's on my sidebar)
20th-Jun-2008 12:34 am - J Sandwhich (I missed my pb)
Kill Bill-Elle Driver
 So just now I went downstairs to take my medicine. (for some reason when I talk about my medicine people seem to think it's because I'm crazy, so I thought I'd tell you now that it's for a sinus infection) Well with one of the medicines I have to take I have to eat with it. So I went downstairs and started to fix myself a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich. I don't normally eat these but I didn't have anything else. So apparently Peanut Butter can melt.... I didn't know this. But I opened the jar and there was a strange liquid running through the peanut butter. It may have been melted peanut butter if this is possible. I don't really know. Kinda looked like honey. Kinda looked like my niece when she had the flu. Either way I was not about to eat it. So I decided to make a jelly sandwich. I really just needed something strong enough to take the taste away from my medicine so I thought I'd make it simple. Well jelly is not strong enough to take the taste away. I nearly vomited from the taste of it.

Now, if you've read this far you're probably wondering why I felt a need to write this. Well I'm bored. And apparently 3 o'clock in the morning is when I'm most active. Which sucks. Because my Internet messed up earlier so all of my friends are in bed. And I have no one to talk to. So I thought I'd piss some happy LJ reader off with this stupid pointless rant. I'm sorry. It happens. :)

I can't believe I only had one smiley in an entire post. how often does that happen?

Edit #2:
I do realize that I just edited twice within five minutes. I don't care. I still need a mood theme if anyone has suggestions it'd help
17th-Jun-2008 11:02 pm(no subject)
Kill Bill-Gogo Yubari
So my beautiful little sunshine flower ppl O.o I need a new layout. So if you know where to get some good layouts. Please tell meh. I'll love you forevers!!!!!!!!!

I'm super hyper right now. Sorry.
15th-Jun-2008 08:06 pm(no subject)
Kill Bill-Gogo Yubari
Ok I'm sorry but I had to do this.


Yes. I know. Weird. But I love that song O.o Revel in it's awesomeness MWAHAHAHA

Expect a vid full of nudity to this song >:) I'm thinking "The Dreamers" :D

On another less stupid note:


I'm almost done -is excited- I think I'm going to do Kanji after all. But Katakana first. So yes. Again I list what I know. YOU SHOULD ALL LEARN JAPANESE!!!!!!!

あ い う え お
か き く け こ
さ し す せ そ
た ち つ て と
な に ぬ ね の
は ひ ふ へ ほ
ま み む め も
や   ゆ    よ
ら り る れ ろ
わ   ん   を

が ぎ ぐ げ ご
だ ぢ づ で ど
ば び ぶ べ ぼ
ぱ ぴ ぷ ぺ ぽ

きゃ きゅ きょ
しゃ しゅ しょ
ちゃ ちゅ ちょ

じゃ じゅ じょ (I learned this just so I could spell juuyon-14-)

So. There you have it my pretties.  

12th-Jun-2008 02:19 pm(no subject)
Kill Bill-Gogo Yubari

This means that I've actually gotten something done on this vid :D I've got. A minute and like... 14 seconds I think... Not that much compared to how far I had to go but most of this has been done over these two days. I'm happy because I also finally got to see the video. First time ever :D Go me.

So yes. Expect a new video soon. :)

Does anyone know where I can get a good mood theme? I wants one.
10th-Jun-2008 03:11 pm(no subject)
Kill Bill-Gogo Yubari
Last post was a screwup. I didn't even wanna post it and now it won't let me delete it. :(
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